Cours de 22 rencontres de 2h

de 19h à 21h

Calendrier - Automne 2018

Première rencontre: Mercredi 19 septembre 2018

Dernière rencontre: Mercredi 12 décembre 2018

Endroit: Centre multifonctionnel


Salle 07

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Date limite d'inscription: 12 septembre

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Code du cours:   Ang-CV

Coût du cours:  225 $


514 271 3290
Do you need practice in English conversation ?
Are you curious about British and North American cultures ?
Would you like to practice discussing current events, history, culture and
a wide variety of other topics in English ?
If so, join our group !
The instructor is a native English speaker.

Un mot du professeur

Relâche le 6 mars

Every year, Conversation Class is different, so if you haven't taken it for a few years and need practice conversation, please feel free to join us again this year.

Each class begins with an open discussion about the week's current events. This exercise is to promote vocabulary acquisition, one of our two main focuses in the class. If anyone has questions about something in English they heard and didn't understand, this is the time we find answers.

The second part involves reading over a text handed out the previous week, resolving grammar difficulties and understanding more vocabulary.

The third part of the class involves an activity, and the goal here is to improve the student's fluidity of expression, for them to get more comfortable speaking English.

These activities are done in small groups so that the student can practice in various dynamic situations.

We do a wide variety of activities, so if you didn't enjoy an activity one week, rest assured the activity next week will be completely different.

During these activities, the instructor is available to help out and answer questions. Please note that this is not a grammar class, although grammar questions will be briefly answered as they arise.

Calendrier - Hiver 2019

Première rencontre: Mercredi 9 janvier 2019

Dernière rencontre: Mercredi 13 mars 2019

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En personne:
Entrevue gratuite avec un professeur
le mercredi 5 septembre 19h à 21h
à l'école secondaire de Mortagne  F-214

Minimum: 10

Il faut être capable de converser
raisonnablement en anglais et
connaître la grammaire relativement bien

et utilisez le menu English Grammar Test